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student volunteer opportunities santa rosa county florida panhandleA unique feature of the NBMSS is that its students are also its teachers. Navarre High School students who are a part of the Marine Science Center take their skills and passion for marine science and in turn teach the visiting school groups and camps about the cutting edge science in which they are currently immersed. They gain a perspective on not only applied content, but also in peer teaching.

student volunteer opportunities santa rosa county florida panhandleUber-achievers, these high schoolers are dual-enrolled, gaining college credit through Pensacola State College for their work, which runs the gamut from artsy to hard nose scientific research. They paint murals on the classroom walls, design costumes and puppets and lesson plans for visiting field trip groups, and spend their weekends out in the community educating the public about the marine world. They build remotely operated vehicles and study critical marine species such as sea turtles and lionfish.

They’re learning skills to pursue a career in marine science, oceanography or education. In fact, more than 70% of former students are now enrolled in college programs with a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) focus or with the intent to pursue a career in education. Why? It’s what they love. And they want others to love it, too.

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What Students Had to Say

lauren raes“I have gained an unbelievable amount of knowledge about the ocean and how we can help protect it and a sense of community and family from the staff. It is definitely an experience I’ll never forget. I love going out and teaching the community everything I have learned at the station. It is truly an amazing place!”

– Lauren Raes, Class of 2015



“The station has help me develop a love of marine life and my ability to teach others about the environment. I was also given the opportunity to get SCUBA certified which has become a passion of mine.”

– Kristen Tilghman, Class of 2017

“Working for the Navarre Beach Marine Science Station has given me the opportunity to work with people of all kinds and it has been a fantastic way to give back to the community through education and outreach programs. The NBMSS allowed me to spend the summer working and exploring in the sciences while providing a great opportunity to local kids while working with passionate teachers.”

– Robert Black, Class of 2016