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ATV GoFundMe

We need your help raising funds for a new ATV. 

We need your help to raise enough funds for a new ATV! Your donation will be matched 1:1 by our business partners and super supporters of the station.

Our students and staff here at the Navarre Beach Marine Science Station strive to share our love of marine and ocean sciences as often as possible. Use of the ATV is how we get our science equipment, kayaks, and paddleboards down to the sound to use with all our students, guests, and visitors.

We are looking for your support in our efforts to raise money for a new ATV. Nothing fancy, just something to get the job done. We use it to transport our kayaks, paddleboards, and research equipment down to the sound during classroom hours, field trips and other events.

Colten Wright, owner of the Tool Shack in Gulf Breeze, has stepped up to offer us an ATV at his cost!!! Thank you

We have a LARGE, and active social media following with over 7,000 Facebook followers. $1000 donors logos will be featured on the ATV, our website, and all social media outlets.

We thank you in advance for your support! Your donation is greatly appreciated and will be put to good use.

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