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Post-Visit Activities


After your visit, extend the learning even more.  Take your pick: do one, or do them all!

  1. Write a journal entry about your trip!  Click here for our pre-made journal page with prompts.  On the back, students can draw their favorite memory or experience from the trip.

2. Didn’t get a chance to watch the “Our Awesome Ocean” video as a pre-activity?  It works as a post-activity too!  Watch the clip below for an awesome insight into why we need our ocean…and why it needs us too. (Video created by our Program Coordinator.)

For more on this, a matching infographic, and ways to help, click here.

Extended version (same content but slower paced than the one below – 7:12)

Faster paced version (3:45):

After the video, discuss what students were surprised by most, what they learned, and things they can do to help.

3. Make a class video: interview each student with fun prompts (use the journal entry above or your own questions) and record.  Add in some pictures from the trip or their journal drawings for a collage effect, and send it out to parents (and us too!

4. Q & A Session: Still have questions?  Keep the learning going!  Gather a list of questions as a class, and dig into finding the answers!  Email us at with any questions that you can’t find answers to, and we’ll do our best to help uncover the mysteries.

5. Conservation Creation: Many ocean animals are threatened by humans and need our help!

Dive into ocean conservation by researching different ocean animals that are struggling: sharks, sea turtles, polar bears, coral, bluefin tuna and more.

Make a creation to spread awareness and inspire action: a class t-shirt, an awareness video, a class book to read to other classes, or something else that your class comes up with to change the world for the better.  Post it on Facebook and tag us so we can see your amazing creation!

6. (Pre- OR Post-Activity) Make a collage that shows why the ocean is important to YOU!  Printed photos & magazine clippings can be used for a paper version, or if you’re high-tech, make a slideshow or use an app like Pic Collage to pull together a digital display.

7.  (Pre- OR Post-Activity) Research rocks! 

Option 1: Have each student research a sea creature of their choice.  Find out where it lives, what it eats, how it moves, and other interesting facts.  Share with the class, of course!

Option 2: Have groups of students research an ocean environment.  In addition to sharing with the class, they can make a diorama or digital display to showcase the undersea terrain, animals, food web, and spectacular scenery of the ocean ecosystem.

Here are some ocean environments to choose from: coral reefs, kelp forests, deep sea, open ocean, estuaries, mangrove forests, sandy bottom, islands, polar seas.